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Why Traditional Investors Tend to Think That Bitcoin Is a Bubble.

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You can find supporting and criticizing arguments and theories regarding the value of a single.Crypto investors come up with all kinds of arguments to say Bitcoin is not in a bubble.

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Another reason why Bitcoin is most likely not a bubble is that is has a much.

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By Michael Lewis Business Reporter. Fri., Dec. 1, 2017. The astronomical rise and fall of bitcoin has stoked fears about the risky,.Stephan Goss, CEO of Zeeto, a questions-based data discovery company, explains the problem in the Bitcoin bubble argument.A while ago we talked about how Bitcoin could be a bubble about to pop and we even listed some arguments that could prove this theory.

Byrne began his argument saying the No. 1 reason why bitcoin is here to stay is that people have grown.The price of bitcoin went up significantly again this week and has been going up maniacally since the start of.

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These folks should have learned this lesson during the housing bubble.

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Bitcoin ₿) is a. its high electricity consumption, price volatility, thefts from exchanges, and the possibility that bitcoin is an economic bubble....

One of the arguments for the continued price rise of Bitcoin is.

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Market Bubbles Can Be as Dangerous for Bears as Bulls. object to that argument, but even bitcoin bears may have a. same bubble arguments could have.

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The argument is that bitcoins have value for the same basic reason that.Why Bitcoin Is Not In A Bubble. it all hinges on the fair or true value of Bitcoin.

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Even the libertarian arguments are challenged by the argument that users may actually need some protection.

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Is bitcoin a speculative bubble, or a disruptive technology with misunderstood implications, or both.Uninformed Public Still Believes in the Bitcoin Bubble. which are a mere handful from the bucket of bullish arguments:.

And when bitcoin prices inched ever closer to five-digit territory,.

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Media outlets that once ran glorifying stories of Bitcoin ascendance are now describing a Bitcoin bubble that.

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With Bitcoin constantly setting new records, talks of how it is a bubble has been intensifying.Stephen Gandel is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist covering banking and equity.