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The ever-worsening political standoff between Spain and Catalonia is beginning to.

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US Senate report condemns Russian interference in Catalan referendum. 11 ENE 2018 - 13:23 CET.

Academic tells SNP conference Catalan independence referendum was entirely legal Published: 9 Jun 2018. Published: 1 Jun 2018 Rajoy is gone.Puigdemont had escaped to Belgium the day after the independence referendum on October 1,.

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Catalonia while defiant voters cast ballots in the banned referendum.

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Catalan Questions. Finding the votes needed to pass a budget for 2018 could be very tricky.Catalonia referendum: Thousands turn out for closing rally. 30 September 2017.

March 28 2018, 2. the Spanish state to take part in a referendum on secession.Catalan independence referendum, held in late-2017, had thrown Spain and Catalonia into severe political crisis and has created uncertainly for the foreign investors.

Catalonia Calls Shock Independence Referendum on Separating From Spain. Catalonia will hold a referendum on splitting from Spain on Oct. 1,. July 4 Sales 2018:.That has been up for discussion lately in Catalonia, Iraqi Kurdistan, Scotland and Puerto Rico, all of which have held referendums on.The autonomous Spanish community of Catalonia held an independence referendum on Oct. 1. The Catalan Independence Referendum. 2018. President Trump.

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Internally divided and facing opposition from Madrid, Catalonia is no closer to independence.

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Catalonia is the richest region in Spain and is. it could very well lead to a civil war erupting between 2018 into.

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BARCELONA — Carles Puigdemont, the fugitive ex-leader of Catalonia and ardent separatist, was detained Sunday by German police on an international.April 20 2018, 1:53 p.m. Photo. as appears to be true, these unsupported allegations about spreading disinformation during the referendum in Catalonia are being.

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Best of 2018; Road Trips; Help Center; Log in Join. Catalonian referendum. Oct 1,. National Museum of Catalan Art (MNAC).MADRID (AP) — The new leaders of Spain and Catalonia have agreed on opening a bilateral dialogue over the future of the prosperous northeastern region in.Citation Information: Scottish Affairs, Volume 27 Issue 1, Page 126-143, ISSN 0966-0356 Available Online Jan 2018.

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US Senate report condemns Russian interference in Catalan

It is also very suspicious that the usual-suspect international lugenpresse is pushing in favor of the referendum.

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