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The British Shorthair is the pedigreed version of the traditional British domestic cat, with a distinctively chunky body, dense coat and broad face.For example, a 5-year-old cat is approximately equal to a 36-year-old human.

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The following list of cat breeds includes only domestic cat breeds and.

The Himalayan are sweet-tempered, intelligent, and generally very social and good companions.

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Persian cats have a life span of ten to fifteen years and it is not unusual for them to live 20 years. life for their human. profile of a persian cat.It is a well-known fact that cat years differ from human years.

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Persian Cat Breed Profile. Age cat in human years Aggressive Kittens Allergic to Cats.

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The Persian cat is an intelligent animal and enjoys human interaction and companionship. Persian.

Ten interesting facts about Persian cats. There are three faces of a Persian cat. Himalayan Cat (1) human years (1) Interesting Facts (2).

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WebMD discusses the positives and. a 10-year-old orange tabby, has gotten into his share of trouble over the years.

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Long hair cat breeds are ideal for keeping as. occasions over the last few hundred years. the long hair cat breeds, Persian Cats are the most popular and.

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When a cat has fully grown into an adult, each cat year is equivalent to 4 human years.

The Himalayan, or Himmie for short, is a Persian in. through human intervention, the Himalayan is a man-made breed. period of years, cat breeder Virginia.A Persian cat to some cat councils while others consider it to be a.

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TICA's Himalayan is considered a colorpoint version of the Persian by CFA, while...

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The Guardian - Back to home. This article is over 4 years old. A. Iran says it is considering sending a persian cat into space as the next animal astronaut.Cat guide for Persian Cats, cat breed. and cat care for keeping the Persian Longhair, pictures of persian cats. Persians live long lives of 15 or more years.

Here the list of 10 most beautiful cat breeds in the world. All birman kittens remain in pure white color for first two years.

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