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In this episode I show how to use the Rails API gem to create a slimmer Rails.A good example of this is the jquery-rails gem which comes with Rails as the standard JavaScript library gem.Is it possible to userails jquery lightbox with Video. jquery youtube lightbox, lightbox rails youtube, lightbox rails, rails lightbox, lightbox image.

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Simple (but safe) token authentication for Rails apps or API with Devise.

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When you define you own html form then you have to include authentication token string,that should. jQuery with rails,. part of the jquery-rails gem,.

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Update: Since this article was written, the jquery-ujs project has been turned into a gem which includes a generator that streamlines this process.

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Setting up Rails with React and Jest Dec 16, 2014 by James Burnett.

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It is often asked: Is Rails a good fit if I only need to serve an API.

The basic Rails application uses the jquery-rails gem. jquery-rails has the same problem with.

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We could mix and match these different authentication token methods to best fit the.Start using Foundation in your Rails projects by following these.This might seem a repeated question but none of the solutions seem to work for me.Short Ruby on Rails screencasts containing tips, tricks and tutorials.

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Leo Trieu is raising funds for Complete course: Clone AirBnb with Rails, Bootstrap, jQuery on Kickstarter.

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I am trying to implement a authentication system in ember with the following versions: DEBUG: ----- ember.debug.js:5378 DEBUG: Ember.

I would like to create a mobile version of my rails application.This is the second post in a series that walks through how to build a database-backed contact form in Ruby on Rails. erb, jQuery, Rails.Rails is written in Ruby, the programming language which is also used.Although it depends on jQuery, this gem could be a real...All versions of jquery-rails 74 versions since August 16, 2010: 4.3.3 - April 18, 2018 (507 KB).

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